Auto-Unlock is a feature that automatically unlocks your door when you arrive home, without having to reach for your phone or your keys.

How it works:

• August uses two states to enable Auto-Unlock to function: Home mode, and Away mode. These modes indicate where Auto-Unlock thinks you are at home, or away from home.
• When you are at home (in Home mode), Auto-Unlock is not actively doing anything. It is waiting until you leave home.
• When you approach your door, Auto-Unlock will unlock your door via Bluetooth. This means Auto-Unlock cannot operate your lock when you are away from home.
• You are considered away from home when you leave your immediate neighborhood, which is about 200 meters, or a couple city blocks. It is only active when you return to your home area.

Tips for good Auto-Unlock performance

• Leave Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned ON.
• Your phone uses these to determine your location. If your location is not accurate, Auto-Unlock will not work correctly.
• Leave location services ON
• Auto-Unlock uses phone’s location to determine when you are close to Home.
• For best results: enter & exit your home through the door with your August Smart Lock installed.
• Leave the August Home app running in the background; don’t force-quit it.
• Do not power off your phone when you are away from home.

In cases where your state cannot be determined, Auto-Unlock may default back to Home mode. These cases include:

• Your phone restarts
• The August Home app was force-quit

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